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ImmiFlex - Immune Booster

ImmiFlex® has been Scandinavia’s number 1 selling immune system supplement for approaching a decade.

ImmiFlex® has been used by many national and international sports teams, olympic athletes, grand slam winning tennis players, TV personalities, Healthcare Centres, therapists and practitioners in over 40 countries. With global sales of over 2 million units.

In 2006 our sister company Immitec spent 2 years and millions of euros researching the global market for natural immune activating ingredients. This extensive search lead them to an incredible ingredient which had over $350m invested in 9 clinical human trials that showed that beta glucan boosted immune cells.

The result was ImmiFlex® which combines beta glucan with vitamin D3 to significantly boost the human immune system.

ImmiFlex® - Activates the immune system! ImmiFlex® contains Wellmune WGP® which is protected by more than 40 patents, and in which development, research and clinical trials more than 1.5 billion NOK (162 million euros) have been invested.

ImmiFlex® with Wellmune WGP® beta-glucans activates the immune system! ImmiFlex® is the strongest beta-glucan product on the market, with over 80% of Wellmune WGP® beta-glucans.

ImmiFlex® contains Wellmune WGP® which is protected by more than 40 patents, and in which development, research and clinical trials, done to determine if the product works and how it works, more than 1.5 billion NOK (162 million euros) have been invested. 

How does ImmiFlex® work:

ImmiFlex® contains Wellmune WGP® beta-glucans (Beta 1,3 / 1,6 Gluco Polysaccharide) and Vitamin D, both of which are known to be good for the immune system. ImmiFlex® thus represents an entirely new way to strengthen the immune system, but its origins are actually thousands of years old. The human body has since the dawn of time developed its own ability to combat attacks from yeast, and it is this mechanism that the ingredients in ImmiFlex® activate. Namely, beta-glucans in ImmiFlex lead the important immune system cells called "neutrophils" to believe that all hostile intruders in the body are yeast. In that way, all the invaders are attacked and subsequently rendered innocuous by neutrophils.

Health Insurance

ImmiFlex® is used daily by many people as part of a "health insurance" and is particularly effective for people during periods when risk of infection is high or during times of increased stress levels.

  • 1 capsule a day
  • Full effect after 5 days
  • Documented effect


Scientifically evaluated with proven efficacy

ImmiFlex® contains Wellmune WGP® beta-glucans. Wellmune WGP® is a patented natural immune system stimulator, which has been the subject of a great number of research reports. Two of these reports are published in The Journal of Applied Research and the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, among other respected journals. In 2011, Wellmune WGP® beta-glucans were scientifically assessed by the EU / EFSA and became the only beta 1,3 / 1,6 glucan approved as a Novel Food.

Currently the EU is investing almost 57 million NOK (6 million euros) on an international project to research the health benefits of specific dietary fibres. Research institutes, universities and private companies are all involved in the project. Immitec contributes by investing in scienctific research Wellmune WGP®,  which activates the immune system. Wellmune WGP® can found in the following products ImmiFlex, Immimarine and Imminexin. 

Start protecting yourself and your family by ordering ImmiFlex® today.