We pride ourselves in providing a product range with the power to change lives profoundly, at prices everyone can afford.

As a result we are blessed to have received dozens of incredible Video Testimonials from our happy customers worldwide. Some of the best are below, enjoy checking them out. Should you wish to provide a new video testimonial, please get in touch. Alternatively please feel free to provide a written testimonial via the website

Ross Symons - Frequency Wristband Testimonial

Ross is a busy Managing Director and Fibromyalgia Sufferer.

Nigel Griffith Talking About Wristband Technology

One of Irelands most renowned practitioners talks about his experience with human energy and the wristband technology


Tracy Darke's Incredible Horsifi Testimonial

A quite stunning and emotional video testimonial about how Horsifi stunned the VET's with a quite incredible recovery. 


Jenny Hack - Frequency Wristbands Testimonial

Jenny suffers with chronic fatigue and has quite an amazing story to tell.


Mark Eccles - Frequency Wristband Testimonial

Mark shares his own personal experience and that of some of his clients 


Jonathan Frewing - Frequency Wristband Testimonial

Practitioner Jonathan shares a really insightful story about how frequency effects everyone. 


Tracy Peake Shares Her Frequency Wristband Testimonial

Pharmacist Tracy shares her story using both the black and blue frequency wristbands.


William McElwaine - Frequency Wristband Testimonial

Energy Therapist William discusses his and his wifes experience with the wristbands. 


Paddy Coyne - Frequency Wristband Testimonial

76 Year old golfer Paddy has an incredible story to share with you on his recovery and eliminating his sleep apnea 


Lilias Ahmeria - Frequency Wristbands For Her Clients

Practitioner Lilias discusses her use of Frequency Wristbands personally and for her clients.


Jane Baker Talks Frequency

Therapist and Reiki Practitioner Jane talks about how she felt the frequency sending 


Zosia Shimell - Frequency Wristband Testimonial

University Dance teacher zosia and full time mum explains how the bands have helped her.


Debbie Kyle - Frequency Wristbands Testimonial

Managing Director Debbie discusses how the technology had a profound impact on her stress and sleep. 


Mark Eccles - Petifi Testimonial

Mark shares his fantastic experiences using Petifi 


Debbie Kyle - Petifi Testimonial

Debbie shares her experience with the Petifi tags


Jonathan Frewing - Drinkifi Testimonial

Jonathan shares his story 


Mark Eccles - Drinkifi Testimonial

Mark shares how even fruits like lemons noticeably change flavour