5 Phase Detox - Protect [No Longer Available]

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Protect - 5 Phase Detox - [No Longer Available]

Protect is a full body detoxification product that safely and effectively binds to toxins in both the blood and lymphatic fluids. Protect manages to achieve this with none of the usual healing crisis detoxification side effects often experienced with other alternatives.

Protect is made from Chlorella an especially powerful superfood with tremendous healing properties. Dr Ray, a leading health researcher found that the natural binding properties of chlorella were not being maximised by the body because we struggle to digest and process the cell wall of chlorella. This caused Dr Ray to develop a proprietary process that pulverised the cell wall by heavily micronizing it.

The resulting micronized chlorella becomes highly bio available to the body and enables the cell wall of the chlorella to effortlessly bind to almost any toxin present within the body.

Laboratory tests have proven that the micronized chlorella within Protect is over 50 times more efficient at binding to toxins than normal cell wall broken chlorella. One of the many laboratory tests we performed on Protect showed that Protect increased the excretion of mercury by 196%

Here are just some of the dangerous toxins that Protect can safely remove from the body;


  • Mercury
  • Aluminium
  • Cadmium
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Uranium
  • Dioxin
  • Chlorine
  • Phosphates
  • Fungal toxins
  • Bacterial toxins
  • Cesium
  • Strontium
  • Cobalt

Protect is not only super efficient at safely removing toxins but it is incredibly easy and efficient to use.

All you need to do is squirt one pipet full of Protect under your tongue and hold it there for 1 minute.

Here is an interesting fact to ponder. Every bit of blood flowing in the human body flows underneath your tongue within 1 minute. This therefore allows Protect to bind to every toxin present in the bloodstream and render it inert within one minute.

The very desirable outcome of this is that most people within 1-2 minutes of using protect feel clearer in their head. Their blood is now cleaner, they have increased oxygen levels, alongside better nutrient absorption and better waste exchange.

Most people will only need 1 to 2 squirts of Protect per day in order to remove the toxins from their internal environment and begin to detoxify the body.

Protect is a product that is designed for your daily protection from the very worrying amount of harmful toxins that we are all being increasingly exposed to. By using protect regularly you will create ideal conditions for your body to begin to safely detoxify from historical toxins that have built up over time.

Protect is so safe that it can even be used by pregnant and lactating mothers to help protect the baby from unwanted and potentially damaging toxins circulating within the mother.

Another great use for Protect is to use it during the day when you are eating out. For example, if you have a coffee, add a squirt of Protect to the coffee and it will remove any presence of mercury and cadmium.

Likewise if you are eating sushi you can put a squirt of Protect in your soy sauce in order to protect you from mercury present within the fish. Customers eating out often add Protect to soup or sauces in restaurants in order to remove pesticides and any traces of inorganic fertilisers.

Start protecting yourself and your family by ordering protect today. 

Read Dr Ray's Keynote About The Product

Dr. Tim Ray's Talks Below About Protect

I invented 5 Phase Detox for many reasons many years ago, two of which being: 

1. For managing the individual biochemistry and special needs of critically ill patients with systemic toxicity who needed total detox in a timely way. There was nothing else available for these patients. 

2. One of his sons was diagnosed with ASD and JME. He had two choices: die of grief or fix him. He’s completely recovered and doing very well!

Protect is Phase 1 of 5 Phase Detox.
It has the job, within the 5 Phase protocol, to prepare the patient for deep detox without causing any mobilization of stored toxins or risking a ‘healing crisis’. It does this by binding to toxins in the blood and lymph, which are then excreted via the urine or the stool. Progressing deeper and deeper according to the bodies own gradient system,
Phase 2 then cleans the GI Tract, Phase 3 the extracellular areas, Phase 4 the intracellular areas, and Phase 5 the CNS and brain. 

Protect (Phase 1) is continuously used for toxin binding safety, and after total detox for maintenance.

Protect when used by normal people in daily life, it protects you by binding to and eliminating the toxins ingested during daily exposure to environmental and ingested pollution.

A medical point to understand: when we are first exposed to a toxin it generally stays in the blood and lymph for about 3 days, after which it is sequestered in various tissues. That’s why Protect is good to protect you from daily exposure, acute exposure: it cleans the blood and lymph. It therefore also helps prevent the build up of stored toxins in the system.

If used long enough a person will eventually achieve a total detox without any healing crisis or side effects. The definition of ‘long enough’ in this case depends on the extent of the toxic body burden vs. the functionality of the organs of elimination. Some people need 2 weeks, others 2-5 years.

Protect binds to and eliminates heavy metals, chemicals, fungal and microbial toxins, radionuclides in the blood and lymph. The toxic synergy between the various classes of toxins is exponentially more dangerous than each toxin alone. Conventional alternative and western medical chelation and detox methods only remove the heavy metals, and only those found on the exterior of the cell wall.

The full benefits of detox and clean living are not available until all of the toxins are out, exposure discontinued and the damage repaired. Only Protect can get them all while they are still in the blood and lymph.

Protect benefits liver function, and is energy sparing for the liver and kidneys. Taking the toxins out benefits all body systems including the cellular exchange of toxins and nutrients, and improves oxygen utilization.

Protect clears cellular receptor sites previously jammed up with toxins, allowing for better assimilation and utilization of nutrients. 

Protect is probably one of the only anti-ageing and longevity tonics that really works: Because you are eliminating the causes of diseases in the form of toxins, you are effectively preventing the diseases those toxins cause from afflicting you.

Will you live longer if you don’t get an assortment of serious diseases throughout your life?  Most likely. For that reason alone, you can think of Protect as a longevity tonic.

The Proprietary processing and formulation methods that I invented now form the basis of several well respected and long lasting Alternative Medical Supplements companies product lines: BioRay, Biologo-Detox, Viteras GmbH. The Viteras professional line of remedies is available thru Metatron Apoteke, Vienna, and is supported by professional seminars.

So you can rest assured you are in good hands with Protect and I hope you all enjoy the product.


Dr Tim Ray

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