The Science Behind

Modern science is only just beginning to understand that we are vibrational electric beings. Human beings are an incredible mix of trillions of cells, energetic and electric in nature, vibrating and communicating in a symphony of incomprehensible complexity. We are essentially like an antenna that sends and receives vibrational frequencies into the ether utilising much of the electromagnetic spectrum (sound and light amongst others).

Albert Einstein famously quoted 

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality
Nikola Tesla Famously quoted
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

There have been many researchers in the last 100 years who have undertaken incredible pioneering work that has helped us gain much deeper understanding of how we are impacted by frequency, vibration and energy including;

  • Albert Abrams, MD
  • Robert O. Becker, MD,
  • Fritz Popp, PhD,
  • Glen Rein, PhD,
  • Eldon Byrd, PhD,
  • Dr. Neil Cherry
  • Dr. Louis Pasteur.
  • Royal Raymond Rife

In the last 15 years especially we have made a quantum leap forward in our understanding of this fascinating subject matter thanks to some of the smartest minds alive today including Bruce Lipton PhD, Rupert Sheldrake PhD, Dr Mercola etc.

You will find below several ground breaking documentaries, seminars and interviews with these great minds that will help you to understand more about frequency, energy and vibration.


The Brilliant E-Motion

The e-motion movie is the first of its kind to really address the vital role that emotional stress plays in every area of human health. The video below is a 25 minute free view version of the full movie. You can watch the full movie on this link


Bruce Liptons - Where Mind Meets Matter Presentation 

This video presentation is one of the best and most comprehensive presentations you will ever see regarding human health. Bruce Lipton PhD is a Professor of Developmental Biology and he explains in layman terms how the cells in our bodies really work. He shows us how proteins are used like a turn-key to sculpt our DNA and how we have been lead to believe genes control everything. This as he so eloquently covers is not true, and most importantly he covers how our beliefs and thoughts can manipulate our DNA.

Part 1 of the presentation covers how cells work and the crucial role proteins play in our cells “listening” to their environment


Part 2 is the real key to this presentation where Bruce covers how emotions and beliefs effect biological cells (powerful information)


Rupert Sheldrakes Brilliant Talk on Morphics Resonance

Are there invisible fields that pass information across great distances throughout the universe? Rupert Sheldrakes famous presentation on morphic fields, also known as morphic resonance, will show you that there undoubtedly are. This brilliant presentation covers many scientific experiments that have proven the existence of morphic fields acting like architectural designs for everything found in nature. 


Dr Mercola - Talks Frequency & Thought

Dr Mercola is now one of the most famous Doctors in the world with his website attracting up to 30 million views a month alongside many readers of his best selling books. In the video below he explains the impact of thoughts and frequencies on our health through epigenetic expression.


Dr Masaru Emoto - Water Has A Memory Documentary

The late great Dr Emoto through his pioneering research, shown in this documentary, discovered that water has a memory.


Resonance - Beings Of Frequency

A brilliant documentary making us all aware of the dangers we are exposed to in the modern world, being surrounded by harmful unnatural man made frequencies. Our products are designed to help you fight back using natural healing frequencies.