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Smart H20 Drops Product Explainer

Our smart h20 drops have been created by Dr Mike who invented our smart shield.
The smart shield uses his proprietary ‘Protxs Mineral Complex’ to mitigate the frequencies from EMF emitting devices. We have taken the mineral complex and added to it in the Smart h20 drops to create a stunning product.

The Smart H20 formula is processed using Dr Mikes specific resonant frequency protocol which activates the complex, giving it some very unique capabilities.

The activated natural organic mineral complex enhances 15 different functions in the body such as
  • Increased nutrient absorption.
  • Chelation of metals.
  • Increases cellular energy.
  • Increases wound healing.

Binds to harmful toxins in water such as heavy metals, chemical pollutants, herbicides, pesticides as well as organic and inorganic toxins.
It acts as an ACE Pigment, which means it is used by the cells in the body as an alternate cellular energy source…. enabling the cells to restore, repair and regenerate.
The complex also removes all EMF frequencies from both drinking water and our bodies.

When I traveled to Michigan to see Dr Mike we recorded a live webinar (which you can see here). In this incredible webinar you will see that we conducted live repeatable experiments placing unopened bottles of water on top of a mobile phone, which we rang for 10 seconds and then scanned on the cyber scan to reveal which mobile network frequencies were stored in the water.

We then took the same bottle of water and added just a few drops of the smart h20 to the water and rescanned the water and the smart h20 had completely removed all the frequencies from the water once retested.

We then placed the treated water back on top of the phone and made another call for 10 seconds. We then retested the water the frequencies did not go back into the water.

The same happens when we scan a human being and then give the person a few drops of the smart h20…… it completely removes the frequencies from the person within 1 minute.


  • Replenishes life of water
  • Revitalizes Tap & Bottled Water
  • Immune Boosting Organic Electrolytes
  • 100% Absorbable Essential Nutrients
  • Hydrates at the Cellular Level
  • Inhibits Toxins
  • Adds Essential Minerals

Smart H2O is formulated to deliver optimal minerals and nutrients at the cellular level, as well as provide detoxification on the cellular level.

Chemicals and toxins have taken away the beneficial ingredients of water. Smart H2O puts the necessary nutrients back into your tap, distilled and even bottled drinking water.

Directions for use

  • Place 5-10 drops of Smart H2O into 16oz of water or other liquid.
  • Take 3-5 times daily.
  • Maximum dosage 90 drops for Adults, 30 drops for Children.
  • When treating water, 5 drops per 16oz of water.
  • For immediate hydration, the concentrated form can be taken orally.
  • Detox symtoms may be mild fatigue & headache.

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