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Drinkifi - Drink Enhancer

Drinkifi is a revolutionary drink enhancer which uses bio-resonance frequencies that have the power to change the structure of liquids placed upon it. Drinkifi does this by emitting 30,000 natural resonance frequencies in order to positively alter the molecular structure of the water. The result is a lighter, purer and more pleasant tasting water that animals will choose every time over its previous unstructured version.

Dr Massaro Emoto proved many years ago that water has a memory and its structure is impacted by the information it retains from its environment. When water retains positive resonance frequencies it has a more bio-available structure than when it is holding negative resonance frequencies.

Drinkifi infuses any liquid placed on it with over 30,000 positive frequencies. It also works amazingly well on alcoholic drinks.

The improved structure of the frequency enhanced liquid reduces flavour harshness from the drink and as a result makes it taste smoother with a reduced after taste.

A bottled beer will often tastes like a draught beer and a cheap wine will often taste like a premium wine.

Drinkifi works very well with water turning most tap waters into a smoother tasting drink more like a spring water. Energy sensitive individuals have reported a healing sensation from holding their Drinkifi or simply by holding or touching water that has been infused with the Drinkifi’s frequencies. 

You can wow your friends at parties with what appears to be a frequency magic trick by changing the taste of their drinks with a frequency upgrade – all within just 60 seconds!

How To Use Drinkifi

The Drinkifi coaster can charge 1 litre of liquid per minute. Simply place any drink on the coaster and let the 30,000 natural frequencies charge your drink until you have enhanced its taste to your liking.

Drinkifi never runs out of charge and is constructed from very durable and easy to clean materials so you can enjoy a lifetime of frequency enhanced drinks. You can also experiment with liquid containing foods. Often interesting and desirable taste differences manifest. Truly a must have product for one and all.